Charity Event at Ghent on 18/11/17

It was the third of June 2017, the members of Vascapa were meeting for their annual General Assembly ...

It was a beautiful surprise, good news, and an awesome meeting ...It was on that day that we met Shanti, Maarten and their daughter, Nora.Five months later ...On November 18th 2017, the new Vascapa full members, Shanti and Maarten organised a charity event in support of Vascapa at Ghent.Home made cakes and quiches to please the guests, nice drinks, a welcoming ambiance and the coming and going of children playing ... everything was perfect!They succesfully attracted an impressive amount of friends, family members and relatives to share a fantastic moment and donate to the benefit of the association. Vascapa wants to thank everybody from our heart, for their enthusiasm, generosity and their engagement with our association.We truly had a wonderful time with you all! 

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