Presence of VASCAPA in Tunisia

So, VASCAPA extends beyond our borders...

Hamdi Achour has joined as full member of VASCAPA. 

After many hours of searching on the internet, Hamdi finally found a centre that could help his little boy Youssef who has a vascular malformation. So it was full of hope that he came from Tunis to meetPr. Boon.

The latter was able to offer Youssef appropriate medical care. Hamdi, his wife and Youssef therefore regularly travel to Brussels to enable the treatment to be set up. 

Hamdi is convinced that the people of his country must be informed so that no one else suffers the distress he experienced before finding a competent centre to treat Youssef.

He is therefore the privileged contact person for Tunisia, the Maghreb countries and more broadly the entire Arab world.

To contact him: .

Thank you Hamdi for your investment and collaboration.


Anne-Marie Monami-Flas, President.    


To contact us in Arabic language you can consult our member in Tunisia Hamdi ACHOUR at: ,    Tel : 00 216 52 89 04 21