The Vascular Malformation Center celebrates its 20th anniversary

Le Centre des Malformations Vasculaires Saint-Luc a célébré son 20ème  anniversaire 

Past Saturday October 1st 2011, the Vascular Malformation Center of the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc celebrates its 20 years of existence in Brussels. 


The center, internationally recognized as a reference, conducts over 2,000 consultations on a yearly basis for patients affected by different vascular anomalies. At the celebration event, the center organized a day seminar for doctors and patients to shared information about these rare diseases and recent options for treatments.  It is at this event that was announced the creation of a patient organization, VASCAPA (Vascular Anomalies Patient Association). The members of VASCAPA set out with the objective of group those suffering from vascular anomalies.